Thursday, 12 November 2015

Hedgehog time

The idea of having a hedgehog as a pet is still quite unheard of in Europe. I first came across that unusual idea, when I started to sell "hedgehog" fabric in my shop. I thought of it as cute, a nice little idea making little hedgehogs. So I ordered it, listed the fabric in WoolFinch Studio's online shop and was taken quite by surprise when the entire stock (10 pieces in total) were sold out within the hour!
So I got it in again ;)

I was puzzled, as all the orders where American and, call me ignorant here, totally unaware of the fact, that there are no naturally occurring hedgehogs in the whole of America!

I grew up in the countryside and especially during autumn, would come across a hedgehog at least once a week.
My family in Germany has a hedgehog making the round of their garden every evening.

But the local European hedgehog isn't that interesting looking. It is very cute though, but is rather dull in colour, an earthy brown, and given the environment, who can blame it?

By now I have found out, that the main hedgehog breed kept as a pet, is the African Pygmy, much smaller, more colour and very sweet looking!

Since then I even came across an ad in Ireland selling Pygmy hedgehogs so maybe not so Unknown after all! 😉

Now I would like to share with you needle felted replicas of this lovely creature.
All artwork shown below has been lovingly handmade,
Some are for sale others private.
I have put the artisan's name and link and social sites below each picture.
Do check out their stores, they are all amazing crafters.


Handmade by Courtney from NeedleFeltedLove

Handmade by Christine from Creative.Felting

Handmade by Nicola from Fuzzneedles

Brick and Mortar stores in 
Guelph, Ontario,Canada 
Crafts 4 you
Guelph's Artisan Store

Thank you all very much for sharing! X